Live - Middle School Addition

Live is a Wednesday night environment where Middle School Students can have fun, worship, and hear a relevant message. It also a great environment where students can invite their friends. We will also have fun nights from time to time.

Snack Shack 5:45
Live - 6:15 - 7:30

This week's message

This week, we will introduce students to the story of David, who waited for God to fulfill the promise of making him king of Israel.

THE BIG IDEA : While we’re waiting, God is listening.

THE BIBLE: Psalm 57:1-5, 66:16-20, 116:1-6; 1 John 5:14-15

Snack Shack


We understand the difficulties of getting your students from where they are to Live to can be hectic. Especially if you are coming home straight from work and trying to get the fed. Snack Shack helps with that. We open snack at 5:45 before Live, so students have an opportunity to grab a meal and hangout with friends before we start, We serve typical concession style food like, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, burgers, pizza, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, fries, chips, candy, etc... Snack baskets are $5 which include an entree, fries, and a drink.

Fun Nights

Some week's at Live we are simply going to have nothing but fun, whether it is gaga ball, 9 square in the air, or some other activities. Are plan is just have fun and connect with Middle Schoolers. These are a great environment for our students to invite their friends.

Parent Resources

We know that raising a middle schooler can be difficult. I am sure you can remember how awkward those middle schools years were for you. Now add in the world at their finger tips with technology. At the same time we also  know that raising a middle schooler can be very rewarding. To help you navigate this transition season we want to provide you a link to some valuable resources that we hope will provide help when needed.