6th - 8th Grade

In middle school we add to the building blocks of Watermark Preschool and Watermark Kids. We begin the journey to help students:
Love God.
Love People.
Serve the World.
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This Week

This Week's Series
Best Christmas Ever is a series designed to help students recognize that the best things about Christmas aren’t the things we typically tend to remember first during the season. They’re the things God did for us thousands of years ago. Though encouraging students to embrace abstract concepts like the fact that God is with them and wants to know them may be difficult for some middle schoolers to grasp, it’s important to help them recognize these key elements of what Christmas is all about. These are things they can celebrate and understand as they grow in maturity and relationship with God.

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Small Groups

The ultimate goal of what we do in middle school is to get students into a small group led by adults to help give your student another trusted adult voice in their life. An adult that is going say the same things that you are saying about faith. We feel this is the best avenue for students to take steps to love God, love people, and serve the world.