9th - 12th GRADES

Before High Schoolers leave our ministry we want them to know these 3 truths:
Love God.
Love People.
Serve the World.

What we are talking about

Current Series

Series Memory Verse

Students all have a tendency to compare themselves to others. The grades they’re getting, the people they’re dating, the friends they have, the clothes they wear, the highlight reel on their Instagram feed—it all feels like one long list of what others have that they don’t! In this series, we’ll help students discover that comparison not only keeps them from liking others, it holds them back from being able to like themselves! And the further they move away from comparison and toward contentment, the more they’ll be able to love who they are just as they are!

This Week's Bottom Line

The more I celebrate others, the more I like me.

Additional Resources

Small Groups

The ultimate goal of what we do in high school is to get students into a small group led by adults to help give your student another trusted adult voice in their life. An adult that is going say the same things that you are saying about faith. We feel this is the best avenue for students to take steps to love God, love people, and serve the world.