The Dream Team is what we call our amazing group of volunteers that make Sundays and Wednesdays happen at Watermark. There is no way we could share the love of Jesus, help people feel welcome, and focus on all the details without our Dream Team. We believe that serving brings the fulfillment that is promised to us as believers in Scripture. When we serve other people, God blesses that. Here are some ways you can serve at Watermark:

  • Check-In

    When it comes to your kids, one of our top priorities is safety. At the check-in desk, each child gets a sticker to identify them so we can quickly contact parents in case of emergency. Check-in is fun and fast-paced. On Sundays, all children in our Preschool (6weeks-5years) and Kids (K-5th Grade) get checked in. While Wednesday night services are in session, all kids regardless of age are checked in.


    Let’s face it … can anyone even survive without coffee?! This team makes sure everyone is awake and happy on Sundays by brewing some delicious, hot coffee for every single area in the church. They also keep the tables stocked with water bottles and all the condiments needed to make the perfect cup of coffee.


    We are beyond thankful and humbled that members and guests bless our church with their tithes and offerings. This team makes sure we are good stewards of those gifts by carefully receiving, counting, and documenting each gift given in house on Sunday mornings.

  • first responders

    Even at church on a Sunday morning there are sometimes emergencies that happen. This quick-acting team made up of health care professionals, law enforcement, and more makes sure to respond to every accident or emergency that may arise. They serve in every area and age group of the church to make sure that while you’re here … you’re safe. 


    The loss of a family member is one of the most difficult experiences of life. The Funeral Team visits and cares for families who have lost a loved one. Whether it be organizing/delivering food and supplies, praying, or just sitting with those who are hurting … the Funeral Team helps them to feel loved during times of loss.

  • greeters

    We never know what people are going through in their lives. This team of warm and inviting people makes sure that every single member and guest is greeted with a smile. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “hello” or “good morning” to show someone the attention they may need to make a bad day better. This team stands watch at every entrance/exit to send encouragement to those that choose to spend their morning at Watermark.

  • Growth Track is the answer to every question at Watermark. It is the gateway to coming onto the Dream Team and it’s one of our 4 main strategies of how we operate as a church. This team makes sure the Growth Track is all setup and ready to go on the first two Sundays of every month. Getting the tables ready with books and pens, helping setup food, and greeting attendees at the door are just a few of the ways this team helps make the Growth Track happen.

  • Love God. Love people. Serve the world. These are the 3 truths that we want High Schoolers to latch onto by the time they graduate. On Sunday mornings, we do not have a separate environment for High Schoolers because we want them to SERVE! We allow people as young as 9th Grade to serve in any area (with supervision) on Sundays. On Wednesday nights, while the school semester is in session, we meet in our new building next door to the main auditorium. There, you can lead an age and gender-specific small group, help out with production, cook and serve food on the Snack Shack team, and more. There are only 4 years of time until these kids are moving on to pursue their futures. Every moment of Godly adult influence is important!


    Sickness or tragedy can strike at any time. In the event someone gets admitted to the hospital, this team makes sure everyone is cared for. We want to make sure everyone gets a special visit, is prayed over, and feels loved and important.

  • Make the wise choice. Trust God no matter what. Treat others the way I want to be treated. In Watermark Kids, these are the 3 truths we want your kids to remember by the time they leave this area. If a kids environment at church is not fun, we know they will not want to come back. That's why we make sure our kids environments are all about HAVING FUN! Jesus would not have wanted church to be boring so we try to make sure that the hour the kids are with us is a blast! You could lead in age and gender-specific small groups, large group worship for K-3rd Grades, our separate Pre-Teen area which includes 4th and 5th Grades, and so much more.

  • kitchen

    This is arguably everyone’s favorite team at Watermark because who doesn’t LOVE TO EAT? The Kitchen Team plays a huge role in our Sunday and Wednesday environments. Not only do they prepare food for the Growth Track, but they also prepare and serve food for the Preschool and Kids ministries on Wednesday nights when the semester is in session.

  • I will Love God because He will never stop loving me. I will follow Jesus because he knows me better than I know myself. I will live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is. These are the 3 truths that we want Middle Schoolers to retain by the time they leave this area. Middle School can be a hard time in the life of a student. They are right in the middle of transitioning from a kid to a young adult. At The Hangout (Middle School environment) you can lead an age and gender-specific small group, experience some fun and crazy games, hear a relevant message, and participate in an engaging time of video-driven worship.

  • Nursing Home / Shut in

    Scripture is full of references about how we, as Christians, are to honor the elderly and always look after the sick. That means everyone is important … no matter what age or condition of health! This team visits the ones who feel “stuck” in their stage of life and the ones who can honestly sometimes feel forgotten by family or friends. We want to make sure that every single person is always remembered, cared for, prayed over, and loved.

  • parking

    First impressions are the most important part of ANY experience. The Parking Team makes sure that our members and guests can find spots outside when it gets crowded. And no worries if it’s raining! You’ll see one of the Parking Team members headed your way with an umbrella to keep you dry. 


    At Watermark, we are all about creating environments. We truly believe that it is an act of worship for us to create and serve with excellence. The Photography Team is all about CAPTURING those environments. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. We have some of our best moments constantly on display down the main hallway of the church and also on our website. Baptisms, Family Dedications, Worship, Teaching, and so much more evidence of lives being changed. The Photography Team makes sure everyone can see and remember all the moments and memories of what God is doing at Watermark


    Prayer is critical in the life of a believer. God promises to speak to us through prayer. He promises to listen and heal when we pray with humility. The prayer team prays over every prayer request that is submitted to Watermark. They pray with people who come down to the altar during invitation times. There are even some members of the team in a separate room praying throughout the entirety of each service on Sunday. We believe in the power of prayer and that God blesses our gatherings when we pray in His name.

  • God made me. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

    In Creation Station (Preschool) these 3 truths are what we teach the little ones. You could lead in an age-specific classroom environment called small group or help out with with games, music, and production in the large group time. These tiny humans are a blast to be around! If the bigger kids aren’t quite your speed, we are always looking for people to love on and rock the little babies!

  • production

    Excellence creates comfort. The Production Team helps to create an excellent environment for the people who choose to worship with us at our Weekend Services. Running sound, operating cameras, displaying lyrics on screen, calling video shots, and more are not just technical jobs. They’re an act of worship. And don't be intimidated because no experience is required! You’ll learn everything you need to know after coming on to the team.

  • Circles are better than rows. That means seeing eye to eye and developing real, lasting relationships is very important to us at Watermark. Small Group Leaders have the ability to create a small group around whatever they are passionate about. We have groups that go out to eat every week, groups that do firearm safety, groups that workout together, Bible study groups that meet in homes, and so much more. Leading a small group is all about building relationships and we are ALWAYS looking for more people who are ready to experience the fulfillment of leading others.

  • Our special needs ministry at Watermark is called God Squad. This group of fun and loving people holds a very special place in our hearts. There are many ways you could help out with God Squad because they are always doing something fun! You could help out with Bible stories, crafts, transportation to and from church, chaperone nursing home visits, and more. They even go Christmas caroling and sometimes serve food at local soup kitchens. This group is definitely the life of the party!

  • ushers

    We all know that the regular attendees of Watermark all have a special place they like to sit. However, not every person that comes to Watermark is familiar with our facility. Ushers make sure that every single person has a place to sit and knows where everything is located. Being an usher is all about eliminating awkward situations for new people and making sure they have the best possible experience at Watermark. Ushers also take up the offering during the services each week.

  • Being a worship leader and being a good singer or musician is not the same thing. Lots of people can sing, but it takes a humble heart to lead. On the Worship Team you can learn to lead others through music and help to create an environment that can lead others to Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. If you’ve always been a singer or a musician, but you want to take the abilities God gave you to the next level, make sure to check out the worship team. No need to have any fear about what others will think. There is an audition process and lots of training before coming on to the team so that you can know for sure that you're ready!