January 21 - April 28

Small Groups

Small Groups at Watermark have one simple purpose: To bring people together. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others, and only then can we live the full life God intends for us.  Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationship aren't always easy to find.  That is why small groups exist - to make these life changing relationship relevant and accessible to you. 

Small groups meet throughout the year in three semesters.  New groups start each semester making it easy to get involved at any time.

Groups meet in a variety of places like homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and office buildings throughout the Wiregrass. 

3 - Semesters

Winter/Spring: Jan - May

Summer: Jun - Jul

Fall: Aug - Nov

Finding a group is easy by following these 3 simple steps: 

Step 1

Come by the small groups kiosk, or visit our small groups directory online

Step 2

Find a group that interest you, join the group

Step 3

Show up and start building relationships


What are the groups about?  

Our groups are as varied as we are.  Group leaders use their gifts and passions to create a group that allows others to join with them in serving God.  Whatever your age, interest, or stage of life we've got a group that's just right for you. They meet all over the Wiregrass area. 

Who can participate? 

Watermark small groups are open to everyone in the community.

Where do they meet?

Small groups typically meet in homes although there are some groups that meet in businesses, and restaurants. 

When do they meet?

Small groups meet at various times each week. However, the majority of the groups meet on Wednesday nights so they can take advantage of the Children's Events at the church from 6:00-8:00pm.